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How Much Is Bad Marketing Costing You?

Many businesses are not seeing the results they desire with their current marketing efforts. 

Poor marketing strategies mean:

  • Lack of audience engagement and loyalty
  • Decrease in sales and revenue
  • Difficulty competing with new trends
  • Struggling to find new customers
  • A waste of your marketing dollars

At Cleveraa, we believe that marketing should be personalised and straightforward. Many don’t try to understand your brand’s unique needs before implementing a strategy. We deep dive into your challenges to lead you to your goals with a customised long-term plan.

Get full-access to our team with consistent optimisation and evaluations of your campaigns.


Clients We Believe In

  • When I realised that my brand was the most important investment and every digital marketing channel should be aligned to my overall strategy, I seeked help from Cleveraa. They helped me optimise my online marketing efforts, ensuring I was delivering a consistent message and experience for my patients. This in turn grew the number of patients at my clinic.

    Dr Roland Chong
    Shoulder | Elbow Orthopaedic Group
  • I had been running my clinic for about 2 years but wanted to improve the business in terms of operations and marketing. When I brought them in, not only did they improve my online presence, but they also assessed my team and came up with a syllabus to train in areas that could be improved such as customer service skills and people management.

    Dr Ng Yuk Hui
    The ENT Specialist Centre
  • I needed a brand identity to communicate with the world, differentiate myself from my competition, and create a brand experience that encourages people to engage with me. Cleveraa took over, by creating a new corporate identity with logos, name cards and a new web design. It was so impactful and really rebuilt my brand identity.

    Dr Wendy Fun
    Wendy Fun Anaesthesia Services
  • We have patients telling us that they were unaware of our services; otherwise, they would have recommended a friend or family. Clever analysed the missed business opportunities, checked through MOH guidelines and helped us to better communicate our services to patients and GPs.

    Lisa Gwee, CEO
    G & L Surgical Clinic